David Liu
Coder | Designer | Melee Player
I'm David/Zhiyuan/致远, a student at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.
I'm a computer science major, set to graduate in May of 2018.

Relevant interests include software development, building web pages, and generating creative solutions to technical problems.
You can check out samples of my work over in the Projects section, or download my resume to see my skillset.

Outside of academics and programming, I love keeping physically fit, practicing my Chinese, and rock climbing/bouldering.

My biggest hobby is playing video games, but nearly all of that time is devoted toward a single game, Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Currently, I am a professional-level player sponsored by EndGameTV.
See the Melee section for more info!
In the world of competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee, I am R2DLiu, a professional-level player sponsored by EndGameTV.
I started playing competitively in 2014 as a Sheik player, and over the following year rose to the top of my region while switching to Fox, who has been my character of choice since.

My Doc Kids article, which details my Melee biography, can be found here.
You can also read my ssbwiki profile for my tournament history and player card.

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Table One
An app developed in Shiny, a web application framework for R. It produces a configurable "table 1," a description of baseline patient characteristics, essential in medical research.
An GUI application developed in Python/PyQt, used to update and animate a configurable scoreboard overlay that displays text such as scores, names, and rounds.
This website. Made with HTML, CSS3, and Javascript, designed and hand-coded from scratch.
A hangman game, made in C++. Hand-coded HTTP server, played from a web browser client.
Optimizing Ledgedash and Effects of PODE
Recently, I’ve been switching to and from various controllers after my main controller began acting erratically...
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On the Game of Nim
Nim is a simple but fascinating strategy and logic...
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